Saplings – The transition from Seeds to Saplings is full of excitement as children at Vedant
learn to exert their independence, gleaning new self-help skills and exploring their changing
environment. Relationships with teachers continue to be an integral part of the learning
process as new social relationships form with their peers. The children need classrooms with
facilities and experienced teacher to develop the skills needed. Vedant’s Sapling program is
specially designed to assist a child’s brain which undergoes maximum development in the 3-
5 years of life. We help children embark on their lifelong learning journey and build a solid
foundation for social and academic development. In other words, we help develop a
transition between the toddler’s elementary knowledge and advance abilities to learn.
Developmental areas in Saplings: The aim is to build logical reasoning, language ability,
physical strength and numeric ability through exploration materials, sensory and artistic
endeavours. This program is co-joined with the pre-nursery developmental areas.

Program Focus Zones:

Expression And Communication Skills

Enhance Motor Skills

Language and Social Skills

Build Mathematical and Language Skills

Positive Peer Interaction

Build Motor Co-Ordination Skills

Structured Learning & Fun Activities

And Much More…