We have designed our PRESCHOOL program by focusing on a few factors-

  • Low teacher-to-child ratios and a constant focus on children’s unique needs
  • Important Connections: Welcoming environments that encourage meaningful, engaging, and respectful interactions
  •  Language Process: An emergent curriculum that incorporates each child’s interests and inspires children to be co-creators of their own learning
  •  Social Skills: A focus on problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, negotiation, emotional intelligence, and collaboration
  • Open-Ended STEM Activities: Technology and materials for creating, engineering, tinkering, inventing, and innovating; and spaces for discovery and experimentation
  • Routines: Child-directed choice and school-age rituals to offer stability and boost independence
  • Guiding Principles: Experiences that motivate children to be leaders, appreciate the world and those who live in it, and connect with and give back to the larger community
  • Prime Times: One-on-one interactions to build relationships and important social skills
  • Language Development: Conversation to encourage thinking, speaking, and comprehension
  • Sensory Experiences: Materials and media to ignite the senses
  • Small Group Learning: Activities to maximize prime times, encourage choices in play, and minimize over stimulation
  •  Self-Help Skills: Encouragement to learn daily tasks and routines at each child’s own pace
  •  Cause and Effect: Opportunities to learn about the scientific method by asking questions, experimenting, finding answers, and testing results
  •  Outdoor Experiences: Time outside to introduce new sights, sounds, smells, and textures
  • Curriculum that teaches lifelong skills &  habits, including citizenship and social responsibility
  • Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines

Best Pre school in Ahmedabad – Teaching Programmes

Where Every Child is Special

ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME- Where every child is special

Child initiated-play sessions. The activities are planned basis the learners’ interests. These activities support and foster independence, uniqueness and a ‘can do’ attitude within each learner.

Experiences of the month

    • Little Chefs at Work
    • Nature Lovers
    • Best out of Waste
    • Let’s go ‘Glocal’
    • Little Expressions
    • Language Champions
    • T.E.A.M
    • Helping Hands
    • Fun and Fitness – Indoor and Outdoor Fitness

Through these activities, learners expand their classroom learning through customized niche life-skills experiences.

Toddler Care

Physical strength and brain power development

 Activities like counting, measuring, and sorting things enable them to understand math concepts. Our teachers also assist them in building memory and increasing concentration with routine activities. We have included ball rolling, walking, and some other activities to strengthen kids’ physical skills.

Teaching the way to convey feelings

at Best Pre school in Ahmedabad Toddlers above 2 years try to develop relationships with teachers and classmates. So, we think that it is the best opportunity to build emotional and social skills. These little ones should be able to identify their feelings and notice others’ sensations.    

Talk more and build vocabulary

Regular talking enables kids to develop vocabulary naturally. We ensure that your toddlers learn at least 1 to 2 new words every day. We give them the freedom to turn pages in books and scribble on paper.

In our creatively designed toddler program, our teachers interact with your toddlers and give value to their activities. They pay individual attention to toddlers and encourage them to manage their behavior. However, our anticipations for our children are always reasonable. We closely watch what a child does at every moment. So, when he or she makes any mistake, we provide the best assistance.

What skills will your toddler develop by participating in our program?

Self-confidence and self-expression

Socio-emotional skills like independence- Your kids learn to eat without others’ assistance. we set the stage for the continuing development of our student’s social skills, through experiencing a variety of activities with their classmates,

Pre-match skills by recognizing shapes, colours and patterns

Major language skills 

Fine motor skills through twisting, gripping, squeezing, and several other activities

Your children will learn the way to pour water, eat with a spoon, mold clay, climb stairs, and building blocks. We also teach them how to do self-care activities like dressing, washing, and toileting. 


  • At Best Pre school in Ahmedabad We provide step-by-step guidance to your children and teach them to communicate their personal needs to others.
  • Independent, teacher-directed, and small-group activities that encourage investigation, exploration, and discovery
  • Learning approaches that adapt to each child and incorporate their strengths and interests
  • Curriculum that supports creative expression, literacy, music, and more
  • Confidence-building opportunities to solve problems and make decisions
  • STEM learning that encourages future-forward skills
  • Growing Readers: Ready to Read creates joyful reading experiences that help children begin their reading journey by making sense of written messages, recognizing letters and sounds, and more
  • Make learning enjoyable through a wide variety of social studies and science based topics – starting with familiar topics like the classroom surroundings, their family and home, and progressing to other areas of interest, such as Space, Dinosaurs, Mini Beasts and Road and Rail Transportation. 
  • The circle time to encourage unity, respect, turn-taking and working together towards a shared vision.
  • Children enjoy art and craft, music and drama, story time and cooking associated with these topics.

Jr. K.G.

In Jr. Kg Program at Best Pre school in Ahmedabad

  • Development of pre-literacy skills and a further awareness of phonics to build a solid base for the teaching of reading and writing from the beginning 
  • Creative, hands-on, and project-based learning
  • Support for core pre-academic areas including literacy, mathematical reasoning, and scientific investigation
  • Multiple and diverse learning activities that ensure children thrive in all areas of development
  •  Focus on the understanding of teamwork and positive self-image
  • Growing Readers: Ready to Read provides beginning reading      knowledge that sets children up for a lifelong love of reading by building   skills such as understanding familiar words in their world and retelling their favorite book
  • Daily Experience Sheets: Child-completed work of the day’s activities to develop writing skills
  • Rotating Math Stations: Hands-on materials to practice sequencing, graphing, and estimation

Sr. K.G.

  • Growing Readers: Ready to Read supports specific reading skill development, such as letter knowledge, phonological awareness, and comprehension as children expand their literacy experiences
  • Journal Writing: Opportunities to communicate thoughts and ideas about language, science, and math-related organizational skills by writing them down on paper
  • Self-directed investigations, small group work, and teacher-directed assignments and activities
  • Exposure to sight words is also one of the first steps towards building basic reading and writing skills, which helps children to transition smoothly into next level
  • Word Rings: A set of individualized “words I know” cards to encourage word and letter recognition
  • Daily Experience Sheets: Child-completed work of the day’s activities to develop writing skills