All children can learn. There are tremendous differences in terms of where children are on the developmental continuum as they enter kindergarten. We work with each child as an individual, and accommodate a variety of learning styles to meet the needs of all children. Our curriculum is thematic-based and hands-on; it integrates all content areas, with a strong emphasis on writing, reading and math. In addition, it is equally important to help children develop the social skills that help them be caring, creative, cooperative, confident individuals

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Developmental areas in Blossoms: By now the Buds are Blossoming; Blossom program is the start of formal education for a child. The foundation of various subjects like mathematics, languages, GK, Social Sciences etc are laid in the children.


Program Focus Zones

Learning with art, music, play &fun

Knowledge based learning activities

Perception and Discernment Skills

Enhancing language & cognitive skills

Structured thematic learning

Expression and Better Communication Skills