How to learn & what to learn is the important aspect of a Kindergarten class. Vedant’s Blossom program teaches children to understand learning as something fun. Instead of being stressed about education, they enjoy the experience. They learn structures and routines. Children also learn the basics for further grades.

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Developmental areas in Buds: The little Buds have a good idea of working in groups, a bit of leadership skills and have good control over their communication. The idea at Vedant is to teach a child how to articulate his or her dialogue so that the listener is able to comprehend their thought process. They are also exposed to problem solving and working as a team player. Children at this age must be aware of good hygiene and sanitation, table manners, basic etiquettes, safety, security and sense of dressing up and wellbeing.

Program Focus Zones

Learning with art, music, play &fun

Knowledge based learning activities

Perception and Discernment Skills

Enhancing language & cognitive skills

Structured thematic learning

Expression and Better Communication Skills