Design thinking leaders at Vedant

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Designing is a challenge. It is a comprehensive process. At Vedant international preschool we continuously channelize all our fervent efforts in designing the knowledge imparting method into unconventional rational method.
We are one of the best preschool in ahmedabad who have designed some impactful methods that involve some innovative pedagogy. It is initiated by reasoning, problem identifying, problem solving and sharing of the experience. This empowers our young learners and enhances their confidence. Some examples are,
An enriching time spent with a Potter,a doctors visit to remove the scare of a doctor ,table organizing and table manners…to name a few!!

1) 1st cata:
The festivals and celebrations..are such that they are a replica of home celebrations.
The treasure hunt of numbers and alphabets makes them ignite their hunting and identifying skills.
Dramatization and story telling and one of our supertools that we integrate in our curriculum.
We enhance organizing skills and presentation skills by helping them design a healthy meal…table arrangements…
Our art session is oriented to test and apply the knowledge shared with kids .
Questionnaires, dialogues and conversation time is a candid part of our curriculum.
Engaging in more human centric ways by brainstorming sessions of providing challenges to kids and help them resolve them is an enriching process we are encompassing.

2) Nature friendly
We at Vedant international preschool frequently make continuous efforts through our activities to inculcate in our children the importance of mother Nature in our life.
We organize and design such activities that reflect our love and concern for Nature. Nature is of prime importance to save and protect it so it should be reflected in our day to day activities.
Apart from classroom teaching we make our kids visit nursery and garden to be enthralled in the lap of Nature.

Planting a seed and visualizing the growth process is a engaging activity for children .They were attracted towards the tiny sprouts that come out from the seed. The children enjoy the entire Plantation process and are very happy to see the outcome as well.
At Vedant we also teach our children to recycle paper and use Eco friendly materials in their activities . Redesigning Classroom decorations done by our teachers is an example to do something differently by and caring more towards our mother Earth.

A very recent good example of how our school is nature friendly is that during Rakshabandhan celebrations we had made children tie rakhi to the trees to teach them the importance of trees in our life and we had entitled the celebration as Vrukshabandhan

Engaging in activities involving soil and water was done by our children the Potter’s wheel is the best example of this