Seeds (2 – 3 years)

At Vedant International Preschool, we follow a unique instructive learning model that enhances the ability to learn life skills through play. Your enfant’s first experience in school is marked by strong & positive attachments with their teachers, that too in a safe, engaging environment that nurtures the development of the enfant as a whole.

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Developmental areas in Cheese-biters: – Exploration, language enrichment, sensorial development through outdoor play & Music, maths skills, cognitive and social skill development. We are not limited, additional activities are planned through various learning experiences.

Promote Cognitive Development

Enhance Social, Personal and Emotional Skills

Stimulate Motor Coordination Expertise

Improve Creativity of Subconscious Mind

Improve Social and Communication Skills

Teaching Them by Games and Exploration

Montessori Teaching Methods

Build Mathematical and Language Skills