Teacher-Parent-Student engagement

This year due to pandemic, as the students cannot come to school , we are more into applying practical strategies to help educators and the parents to overcome the challenging, but necessary difficulties needed to close the gap, it is our prime responsibility that we must work with them and through  them, otherwise the achievement gap will continue to grow with every passing day of school closures. For this throughout the year we are  organizing many parents involvement programmes to connect with them.

“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents”. Parents are the first and the most powerful influence on their child’s learning, development, health and well being. They are the child’s first role models with respect to values, appropriate behaviour, beliefs, and traditions. Research has shown that children perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education. At Vedant International Preschool, we work together with parents to ensure that both home and school environments provide a mutually supportive framework for child’s learning and development.

We believe that nurturing our kids requires a sound partnership between the school and the home. Therefore, we have created a unique school-home partnership programme – titled “Synergy”. The word Synergy literally means “coming together of two distinct influences for a common purpose”.

At VEDANT , parents are always  a part of Synergy and  Parents are invited to attend various parent-participation programmes, parenting workshops, performances, parent & grandparent volunteer opportunities etc. thereby, not only enhancing their parenting skills but , also giving them an opportunity to send a message to their child that his/her life is important to us.

Attending Synergy programmes results in bridging the communication gap between the home & the school. As a result, both work in tandem which ensures that our kids are better understood and they receive a healthy & a positive environment both at school and at home.

This year we are continuously organizing the series of events for the children and their parents, which  help children feel safe, manage their emotions and behaviour and build resilience, and support their parents to  keep healthy routines. Parents can help their kids by understanding the developmental stages they are in, and understanding that authoritative parenting strategies that are grounded in providing both warmth and support.

Here is the glimpse of few events
Kids cafe at Vedant-
As the Kids were at home so most of the parents were stuck with too many worries to count, from keeping kids active, entertained, healthy, educated, and engaged throughout the day. Making this a little easy for such parents Vedant International Preschool will brought a kids cafe event to keep the children engaged with fun & creativity along with their mothers.

The mothers along with their children so readily agreed to participate in cold cooking, presentation and coffee table mouth licking delicious snacks. The response and initiative of the ever cooperating mothers was amazingly motivating. It was fervent efforts put in by our centre head and teachers who with their creative and master stroke did a stunning replica of a cafe. A check list was the best way to do the cafe requirements, setup, menu, different tastes and flavours of coffee.

The mind storming done for designing Chef caps and aprons and decor has and every lasting impression on my mind. The invitations conveyed to parents were so pleasant as if they smelled like brewed coffee. The set off of live kitchen coffee corner the presentation table the guitar and music corner the gift made the aura of the Kids Cafe very splendidly inviting. As the preparation ended the campus was disguised as a cafe! The work and efforts reflected from the surprising reactions parents and family members of our kids and guests.

Pehal’ –
The Awareness drive was weaved with activities like drawing, colouring, dance, interactive games and the most favourite – “the storytelling sessions.” This made us render our responsibility towards our “Bachpan” which was being strangled by the effects of deadly virus. It made us bring back smile and spark in the children. The sight of their joy and happiness was an encouraging impetus for our hardworking teachers. It was to remind ourselves that in prioritizing our careers we had hurt our mother nature so now was the time to give back our love with the plantation drive we had integrated with drawing and colouring activities and story time. Stories are the best interactive tools.

Diwali Haat-
After nearly two years marked by the darkness of isolation, grief and loss, this year’s Diwali festival was set to herald new light, as memories once again. Vedant celebrated this Diwali with the Parents & students to make the festival extra special and a long lasting memory in hearts. It was celebrated with the aim of keeping the child educated about the traditional way of celebrating Diwali with family, friends & relatives

Diwali Haat was organized in a grand and traditional way. Parents had displayed their stalls in a Haat look, articles were placed in baskets, small tables were arranged in a ethnic way, old loud speakers, old music songs were played in haat, meri- go- round, horse cart ride & much more for the amusements were arranged for the little children.