parents review
Parents Review on Vedant International Pre school

In this pandemic situation Vedant’s management team & teacher’s always stood like a warrior Just like our medical team, we had been worring about our child’s education but they have always nourished new things & made home based education like fun based education and make the childen learn new things every day. Day by day […]

Blog on Indoor Activities
Indoor activities for toddlers during lock down

An eminent doctor has said that social connections make children more happy and active. Parents are the child’s very first and favorite play partners. The play area should be child friendly and child safe. The toddlers must at all times be kept happy and smiling. Sometimes certain situations may arise that we are forced into […]

Blog on virtual learning
Virtual Learning At Vedant International Preschool

The world today is passing through a very difficult phase with almost all the parts of the world being infected by deadly virus called Covid 19. Many countries have declared this disease as pandemic. In India, to fight this deadly virus, our honorable prime minister has advised and ordered the people of the country to […]

Blog on Corona virus
Corona virus Prevention At Vedant International Preschool

Corona virus as the name implies is a virus. This virus originated from the city of Wuhan in china, initially it created havoc in china and claimed many lives and then rapidly invaded the rest of the world and also took many lives all over. Corona virus is also called as Covid 19. It is […]